OUR Directors and Board


Anna Anderson

At the age of sixteen years old, high school student Anna Anderson is the Founder and Executive Director of our charity. She has had a lifelong passion for the visual arts, inspiring her to combine this talent with her desire to serve her community. With a lot of hard work and the help of her father, William Anderson, and friend, Nina Ellefsen, our charity was created.

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Nina Ellefsen

During her freshman year in high school, Nina Ellefsen became the Co-Director of our board. Nina's hard working attitude and strong drive have contributed greatly to the prosperity of Portraits for Patients. Nina and Anna lead in the coordination of events, functions, and communications.

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William Anderson 

William Anderson currently serves as our CEO and Treasurer of Portraits for Patients. Always a supportive parent, Will jumped at the opportunity to create a charity with his daughter Anna.






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Jessica O'donnell-Macias

On our Board of Directors, Jessica serves as the Secretary. She is an educator teaching high school art and uses her influence to encourage students in our community to contribute to our cause.

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Dr. Enchanta JEnkins, M.D.

As a member of our Board of Directors, Dr. Enchanta Jenkins assists us in finding medical causes to direct our support towards. We are very lucky to have someone of her expertise be a part of our charity.